How looks your Garage?

How To Easily Clean And Organize Your Garage.

✅ Step 1

🌤 Nice Weather? Put everything on your Driveway

⛈ Bad Weather? Put everything in a different room

✅Step 2

1) Keep: Keep items that spark joy. Organize them into a categories, like decorations, sport equipment, winter stuff, and tools.

2) Donate: Donate items that don't spark joy for you but might for someone else> Because one woman's trash is another woman's teasure

3) Trash or Recycle junk like old papers, Brocken electronics and random wires, think Bins2Go

4) Sell: Sell the rest online or have a yard sale

✅Step 3

Clean the wall

✅Step 4

Clean the floor

✅Step 5

Store on the Wall

✅Step 6

Enjoy More Room for Activities

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