Terms of Service

1 Disposal

Please do your part to help us keep our environment GREEN by sorting waste and recyclables accordingly.

1.1 Absolutely NO hazardous waste of any kind is accepted including:

  • Asbestos, Drywall, Gypsum

  • Automobile, motor vehicles or any boat parts

  • Decomposed animals or excrement

  • Flammable substances - including diesel/gasoline/oil

  • Paint 

  • Explosive materials 

  • Biohazard waste - including pharmaceuticals/medical products like needles
    Agricultural waste - including pesticidesRadioactive materials - including thermostats

  • Any hazardous waste that could cause risk or injury to the driver

    *DryWall: We DO ACCEPT DryWall but DryWall MUST be stamped 1990 or later, or if you have DryWall before 1990 then IT MUST BE tested for asbestos. And we DO NOT accept DryWall with asbestos. You can find the stamp on the back or the side of panel of DryWall. DryWall MUST be placed in SEPARATE BIN.

Any of the above items found will result in a fine of up to $500 and items will be returned to the customer.

1.2 Dump fees $17 per 100kg for General Garbage. Based on 1 Tonne minimum.

1.3 Additional $95 for e-Waste Upgrade: Electronics + Appliances.

1.4 Additional $65 if you load consists of over 5% of Clean Wood, Green Waste or Cardboard

1.5 Surcharge items include (Top of the bin):

  • Mattresses (Springbox) - $30/each

  • Tires - $20/each

  • Liquids (No Paint)  - $10/each

  • Propane Tanks or Extinguishers - $8/each (6 Max)

  • Batteries - $8/each (6 Max)


1.6 The customer is responsible for each item placed in the bin




2.1 Loading the bin above the “Level Load” mark will incur $85 additional cost. If we are unable to Pick Up the BIN, an additional pickup charge of $95 will be applied.


PLEASE NOTE: If you still have a few extra items, place them on the side of the bin. If a Driver can deliver them safely, the driver will load them into the bin.


2.2 Loading the 15-20 Cubic Yard Bin with Heavy Recyclables such as Soil, Sod, Sand, Concrete, Asphalt, Rocks or Bricks will incur a $95 additional fee. An additional pickup charge of $95 will be appliedHeavy Recyclables must be placed in the 5 yard Bin only.


2.3 Overloading the Bin above 4 Tonnes/ 4000KG will result in an additional charge of $95 to the customer.




3.1 The Customer MUST inform Bins2GO about the pick up date, otherwise additional Rental fees will be applied (+$5 per Day). Please inform Bins2GO the specific pick up date when placing the order via phone or simply schedule a pick up day online.

3.2 When the customer calls to have the bin picked up it is deemed returned and there are no additional rental chargesBins will be retrieved in 1 to 3 business days. Additional fees (+$95) apply for urgent pick-up or delivery requests.


3.3 The length of the rental period is determined when the BIN is ordered depending on its availability.​




4.1 The customer is responsible for obtaining a street permit. Any fines issued by municipality will be charged to the customer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t Know How to get the city parking permit? Contact us, We will Help.

4.2  The area in front of the Bin MUST remain clear for pick up and drop off. If we are unable to Pick Up the BIN, an additional pick up charge of $95 will be applied. 20 feet in front of the bin handle, 4 feet behind the bin.

4.3  The access to the Bin 
MUST remain open for pick up. If we are unable to access the BIN, an additional pick up charge of $95 will be applied.


4.4 The customer MUST ensure there is a suitable spot to place the BIN so it does not damage your property. ​


4.5 Any damage to the bin will be charged to the customer.​

4.6 The Bin door MUST be properly closed and locked after the Bin is loaded. If the waste items are protruding and the door cannot be closed or locked properly, the bin will not be picked up and an additional $95 charge will be applied.


PLEASE NOTE: Ask the driver or contact us, we will explain or send you a video guide on how to close and lock the bin door properly.


5.Cancellation Policy


5.1 Cancellations of orders with Bins2GO can only be done via phone call at 888-885-2467 during regular work hours.


5.2 There is a 100% refund if the cancellation request is received 24 hours prior to the delivery date requested.


5.3 If the cancellation request is received less than 24 hours before the delivery date and time requested, there will be an additional 20% charge to the order.

5.4 If the cancellation request is received after the bin was delivered, there will be a 50% charge to the order.

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